The Arena Edit

The hosting area of the tournament, it is equipped with sevral armourys, and a hospital, it has around 50 garuds.

The peoplez Edit

The arena is ruled by Aidan, a great warrior, and the general of the garud, tagerus.

The previous Champ, Siron is a master blowup-ist

Death has lost its sting... Edit

For somereason, inside the arena death is impossible, there is a rumor that aidan made a deal with death for this.

Contestants Edit

The arena contains a cafe' which has many delicasies. It is rumored you can get fried moglin here.

Yay! I happen to like fried moglin.Its a fact that when eaten, they heal you -Kkutwar

Rooms Edit

The arena has several rooms for contestants near the arena pit

Arena Pit Edit

The arena pit is where all fighting takes place. Aidan made a deal with death to protect all in the arena.

-For the record I did NOT sell my soul -Aidan

I bet you did,because I see a hole in your chest-Kkutwar

Sorry about the hole aidan, some random guy dared me to put gunpowder in your food. I had no idea you were testing your enflame power that day. Good thing you made the deal.

ARGH! I'll get you for that! -Aidan ; )

Hey!I get you for THAT!-Kkutwar

*Points at kkut* Guess who dared me...-Omega zeron

Arena talk Edit

Neopie: Ima in ur wiki making ur pages

Ooh! I iz great warrior -Aidan

Ooh! Im a general! -Tagerus

Ooh! Ize a master blow-upist!-Omega zeron

Ooh! I didn't get said at all-Kkutwar

Ooh! I'm the only one who can fly naturally! - Reaper0001