The Fallen are creatures from ages past. Once part of a noble warrior clan, they betrayed them for a demons power. But in reutrn the demon warped them into...something else. Now when the night is as dark as pitch and then wind whistles through the trees listen carefully and you might hear the ring of steel, the cry of voices and the thump of a Fallen walking, walking through the night, doomed forever to wander until the world burns and all life is ended. Those who would betray their out! The Fallen are after you...

Clad in dark green armor and wielding ancient blades the Fallen seek out and kill those who would betray their people. No armor can stop the sword and none can withstand the fury of the blows. Only one person ever survived and he became twisted...his once evil mind became dogmatic and good. Everything he did was with rightious fury. Tagerus suffered a terrible fate. Avoid the Fallen and stay with your people...or all is lost for you...

"Meheheheheh. Comeon Jeg, we just get this information to the chief and we'll be rich!"

"But Simon, why would we want to betray our clan?

"Oh comeon. We'll be richer this way! We'll be lords"


Simon and Jeg turned towards the towering figure behind them. An ancient sword shone in its hands.

"Fall betrayers!"

Ignoring there pleas for mercy the figure brought down the sword...once...twice. Then all was still...