Player specific classes Edit

Wyvern rider: Sirion specific, owns wyvern, wyvern has WEAPONS, so basicly a living fighter/bomber

Dragon rider: Neo specific, except under special circumstances (give Neo a time/diminsion Machine), Has dragon,dragon breathes fire, can use ancient language magic

GM: Aidan specific. Has some useful powers including rerolls and pet dice

Forgot 2:

Sirions:Black jester class:Sirion specific, dont let near open flames.

Mr mystery:Black magician:Pm specific, dont let near anything you dont want turned into a golem.

Black classes

Quest only Edit

None yet :(

Npc Edit

Rabbids: Evil mutated rabbits

Kirby: Copy:copys an opponent

Sonic:Super speedy, dont let him get all 7 chaos emralds

Mario:Jumps on heads,shoots fireballs, and has a werid water shooter thing called FLUDD