Yep, I decided to make a page of things weve done badly:

In chronological order:

1)I posioned two people.

2)Aidan ignored us for three whole days because kkut asked a random girl out for him.

3)We were attacked by rabbids(nasty little beasts they are).

4)I blew most of the town to bits.

5)I blew my arm off.

6)We destroyed the first BKT 2 OOC.

7)Reaper and I got shot down.

8)I broke the first BKT wiki.

9)I broke the scond BKT wiki.

10)I invented black jester.

Forgetting the time you blew up the town? -Tagerus -I posted that one, number 4

Or the time you assinated a drakel leader? - Aidan

Or when you ignored the guards and got shot? -Tagerus -Read number 6

^You guys wont even let me have one page to myself?

Dude,that was not cool poisoning me...then again,Aidan auto-played me.-Kkutwar

Greedy jerks...

You forgot the first one. You sent Chuck Norris to attack me. - Reaper0001

Chapter: The Tourament Edit

Neo, I don think we need these yet.

Plus you spelt tournament wrong.

Now stop stealin meh page!

Fine i was in the middle of adding more u know

He he he. Aiden got a random girl. Yes, we got shot.

And just what random girl are we talking about? *Looks interested* -Zeeble

*Shows Zeeble a picture of Prayer* That was the person Aidan liked. -Kkutwar

Nonsense.... Kkut is Merely trying to cause trouble -Aidan

Chapter: Rabbids Attack! Edit