Ok,here anyone can edit in their familys.

K'kut,Amy,Kutar and May.

K'kut:K'kut has been a caring big brother,never wishing harm to his family.When he was 12,his Mom and Dad died.Amy went missing,feared that she died.K'kut then headed home to take Kutar and May somewhere.Over the years,K'kut gained money to care for them by fighting.When he came to the BKT,he joined to earn money and fame.He later battled Aidan and was given the choice to kill him.He refused and let him live.They later became friends.Many things happen later.(Aidan,go ahead and edit this if you want to help out)

Amy:Amy is the sister who has been a bit angry at K'kut for leaving her behind.She was later found by Elfs who took her in and helped raise her.She was later trained as a Warrior and a Assassin.She left,went in search of her family and her revenge for K'kut that keeps on growing.

Kutar:Kutar was at first trained by Mentalists to grow his Mind Powers,but was forced to leave when his Mom and Dad died.He later took up Bows and began training as a Ranger.He would often fight with his little sister,May about things.K'kut later had the famliy stay in the town around the Arena,so they could have a life.Kutar now uses the forests to shoot his arrows.

May:May has always been the more quiet one of the four.She loves to learn and began training as a Mage when K'kut had everyone move.May later got a Spell Book after her big brother won a Team Battle.She later took a trip to a realm of mystics with her big brother.

Aidans family:


Alatra (married to) Annetra


   Aidan (married to) Katrina (Deceased)

What? Aidan's MARRIED?! -Tagerus


Soniania (married to) Alfora




Sirions family:

Abatul nikiaben(Grandmother)

Affectionatley called "granny" by her two grandsons, this wise old drakel is a master of necromancy and has been around for over 500 years! Her grandsons are her last surviving heirs and she will protect them with her life, after seeing her own daughter die of old age.

Mother and father unknown


Sirions closest living relative is his twin brother. Neptu avidly studies magic but shares the same disfunctional mind set of his older brother. He is a good freind and incredibly loyal, till someone throws down a dare. Then all bets are off.